At Trinity Lutheran College your child will receive an education that you and they can rely on to serve them well in whatever they choose to do, wherever they decide to go, regardless of the challenges they may face. We say this with quiet certitude due to the purposefully-planned, highly-integrated and holistic education program we offer. Here’s what that encompasses.


What sets our school apart is the caring, supportive community that has its own special Trinity – child, staff and parent. Here you will discover that:

  • Children support other children
  • Staff support other staff and
  • Parents support other parents

And, collectively, we all support each other. This makes our little corner of Victoria an exceptionally welcoming, nurturing, aspiring and achieving place for families. We do this through careful management and a number of formal and informal structures.

Key elements include:

  • Staff

    We work hard to create a great environment for our staff to work – a place where they are cared for, share common values including being hard-working, a passion for continued professional learning and being able to let their caring natures shine.

  • International Baccalaureate

    Trinity is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP) World School and Middle Years Program (MYP) candidate school. The IB offers a cohesive framework which challenges students to think for themselves and take responsibility for their learning as they explore local and global issues and opportunities in real-life contexts. The framework ensures children are educated to a global standard and can slot right in at other IB schools around the world. Furthermore, global studies indicate that IB students outperform non IB students across curriculum areas. We believe this gives our students a distinct advantage while ensuring they are globally minded and globally competitive upon graduation.

  • Innovative, personalised learning

    Going to school is an exciting and significant time for your child. Trinity staff are highly qualified and professionally regarded for the expertise. Our staff strive to provide the personalised learning experiences for each child.

    At Trinity we have a number of well-considered and caring programs that will make your child love coming to school and love learning, laying the foundation for them to be life-long learners.

  • Digital Technology

    As part of our commitment to providing a best-practice, technology-rich education, all children at Trinity use and have access to digital technology. This includes class sets of iPads from Prep to Year 4 and a BYOD program from Years 5 to 10.

    Trinity offers a unique and cutting-edge digital technology program, our staff and school have won numerous awards in this area, including Victoria’s 2019 Digital Educator of the Year and awarded as one of the Top 20 innovative schools in Australia.

    By being committed to progressive and responsible digital usage we are giving students real life experiences which will give them necessary skills and advantages in future years.

  • Well Rounded

    What we offer at Trinity will ensure your child has a well-rounded education and can find the subjects and pursuits that bring them great joy, accomplishment and, ultimately, a pathway in life.

    Our extra curricula offerings are extensive, including sports, music, performance, academic extensions and camps. Service Learning is also an integral component to our offerings, students participate in local and global communities and learn about the importance of rights and responsibilities, the experiences of others less fortunate than ourselves and participate in active roles of service. In this way students develop the ability to manage their own learning and understand the importance of leading well-rounded lives, caring for others and the world we live in.

  • Values

    Our College Values, Faith Knowledge Honour, embodies all that we do. Equally the Lutheran Education values of love, acceptance, kindness, empathy, compassion, forgiveness, respect are instrumental in all aspects of College life.

  • Productive Learning, Positive Relationships

    Ours is a community of students, teachers, staff and parents who come together for the purpose of learning and teaching. Each student is encouraged to develop their God-given gifts and potential in a Christ-centred environment that promotes positive relationships with all and productive learning time. As part of this, it is important that standards are accepted by the entire community. When students experience conflict or are unable to comply with the college’s expectations and code of conduct, the college will intervene to redirect the behaviour and attitude of the student to repair, reconnect and restore relationships.

  • Lutheran Education Australia

    Our College is one of over 80 Lutheran schools and 59 Lutheran Kindergartens Australia wide. The first school opened in 1839 and since then Lutheran schools have grown to serve over 41,000 students across all states.

    Lutheran Education embraces high standards of innovative teaching and learning in caring, community focused environments. Our schools provide opportunities to encourage and nurture the Christian faith in each individual student.


Privately tour the College.


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Privately tour the College.


Read online or order a print version.


You can enrol throughout the year.


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